Our Facilities

Computer Lab

Today in the Internet Age, the Computer Centre is at the heart of the Teaching Learning process. It should comprise of the best and latest Technology available so that students have hands in experience of state-of-art systems. The air-conditioned Computer Centre with its facilities and network infrastructure provides a number of services to the students and faculty. The Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art computing facility with Pentium Class Computers connected through the Local Area Network. The Computer Centre has enabled our students to complete industry oriented projects from companies.

Wi-Fi Campus

This is the 21st century era and it truly belongs to the Web Information. Internet in this century forms the backbone for everyone in different aspects of life. Acknowledging this need as well as importance in today’s world particularly in education domain in SVITM Colleges, is well supported by round the clock Wi-Fi Facility. Our high speed internet facility throughout the campus helps the students of SVITM surf the web from their classrooms, canteen, etc. Through this they have more chances to gain knowledge and extract unlimited information.


SVITM College has well stocked Academic libraries extensively covering all areas extensively. We stock the Hand Books, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Inspiring Books, biographies, collected volumes, and books on topical interest and so on. We have national and international journals, magazines and also facilities to browse some of journals through subscriptions.

The Library Provides Following Services:

  • 1. Reference & Information
  • 2. Text Books /Book Bank Scheme
  • 3. Bibliographical
  • 4. Reprography Section
  • 5. Media Section


SVITM Colleges owns a fleet of spacious and transport buses and vans that picks and drops the students as well the faculty from different places of the city. Our transportation facility covers a range of places making it easy and convenient for the students to commute.

The bus fees are charged yearly and it is mandatory for the students to carry their bus pass while travelling. The students must check with the transportation department regarding the routes and pick and drop time to avoid inconvenience.

All drivers of our buses are licensed, professional and experienced. They are background tested and very well know the speed they must maintain. They take the responsibility of bringing the students and faculty to the college on time and leave on time. We make sure to get our fleet of vehicles serviced yearly to avoid any incident. Safety of our students and faculty is our prime concern and we take all safety measures to make sure that our students travel safe back to their homes after studying hard in the college.


There is an ultra modern and professionally run canteen on the campus. The students in their free schedule can relax in canteen and can have healthy and hygienically prepared tasty food and refreshment. The canteen remains open during the working hours of the college. It is a favorite haunt of the students during the tea break and lunch break. The staff managing the canteen is a group of soft spoken and gentle professionals in the field of hospitality.

Sports Facilities

Institute has Indoor and Outdoor Sports facilities available in campus for students.

Online Meetings/Webinars

College has online Meetings/Webinars facilities available for students.